Wall Covering

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Wall Covering

Do you have a horror story about wall covering . . . how you
have spend hours, days, even months steaming, scraping, picking,
peeling, sanding, and floating your drywall? Have you sworn never
to ever paper again? I have been there, several times as a matter
of fact . . . swearing to never hang a piece of wallpaper again!
You wonder what you were thinking . . . all those ivy vines
and marching geese of days gone by. What was I thinking?

Well . . . . to be honest, I love wallpaper . . . just the smell
of the book sets my heart to spinning . . . oh the possibilities.
I do love wallpaper in small baths, laundry rooms, and other
small areas. Especially on the ceilings of small powder rooms.

Well, I say all of this to let you know that First Fruit Collection
is now a Thibaut (Tea Bow) dealer. Thibaut has always been
my favorite brand of wallcovering and fabrics. They have colors
that are so clear and true . . . there is nothing like it.
We also have a complete line of their fabric books . . . they
are so amazing. We oohed and aahed the day they arrived.
You would have thought it was Christmas!
Our prices are also the best in town. We are committed to
offering you the best price around . . . better than online.
My laundry room at home has a collection of bugs scattered.
Coordinating fabric for the window treatment.
Cute powder room paper . . . more bugs.
My green toile dining room with the matching toile fabric
on the drapes and chair cushions.
A custom window topper covered with wall paper and drapes
made from the matching fabric.
Don't be afraid to use wall paper in your home. Just be sure to
size the walls properly before you hang and you won't have the nightmare of removing it later. Sizing will help it release when you go to remove it.

I hope you rethink wall paper for your home. It is kind of like
childbirth, you hopefully forget all the bad and only see the beauty.

Happy Decorating,


Posted by Meagan Walley at 9:10 PM